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Proteomics Nationwide Voucher Program

Deadline 10/15/22
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The IDeA National Resource for Quantitative Proteomics provides subsidized access to sophisticated proteomics services for investigators performing biomedical research within the mission of NIGMS (http://idearesourceproteomics.org/). In addition to providing cost effective access to a variety of proteomics services, the resource supports a competitive voucher program that provides fully subsidized access at no cost to the user. The goal of the voucher program is to provide pilot scale data to investigators that will create new hypotheses, support publications, and support on-going research studies within the mission of NIGMS. This voucher program supports discovery proteomics workflows limited to 10 sample Tandem Mass Tag (TMT) or 20 sample data independent acquisition (DIA) quantitative proteomic platforms. For example, a 10-plex TMT could be 5 biological replicates of a control versus 5 biological replicates of a treated cell line, while a 20 sample DIA could be 10 control vs 10 experimental tissue/plasma samples. Interested applicants must contact the resource prior to applying to discuss the proposed sample analysis and determine eligibility for the voucher program. Applications must include a quote from the resource for the proposed experiment.

NIH FOA for equipment
This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) invites qualified institutions to seek funds to modernize operations of existing research facilities through the purchase and installation of advanced equipment that enable and enhance a broad range of research-supporting activities. Any equipment supported by this FOA must be substantially used in a laboratory research core facility, animal facility, or similar shared-use research spaces to ensure broad benefits for the institutional research community. Moreover, any request must be justified by research-related demands for the modernization of research-supporting functions or for the advancement of facility operations. This FOA does not support the purchase of scientific instruments or their components, nor components of building-level infrastructure equipment that indirectly support research activities (such as HVACs or power generators).

NIGMS will consider co-funding applications from higher education institutions that award undergrad and/or grad degrees in biomedical sciences and have received no more than $6 million dollars per year (total costs) from NIH Research Project Grants (RPGs) in each of the preceding two fiscal years, calculated using NIH RePORTER, at the time of the application. Application due Nov 7 (no LOI needed).  Learn more

Proposals Due: November 17, 2022
OKLAHOMA NSF EPSCoR REU awards provide opportunities for undergraduate students from regional universities and colleges across the state to perform research in collaboration with Oklahoma’s comprehensive research campuses (OU, OSU, TU, NRI) during the summer months. The goal of the program is to enhance pursuit of graduate degrees by students at regional undergraduate institutions and strengthen network collaborations across all higher education institutions in Oklahoma. Students benefit from hands-on research experiences in STEM fields and one-on-one guidance from faculty mentors. Proposals will be awarded via a competitive review process based on proposal integrity and the engagement of a diversity of students from regional institutions.
Solicitation: Summer 2023 REU RFP_1.pdf (okepscor.org)
Proposal Submission: Online Submission Form: 2023 OK NSF EPSCoR Research Experience for Undergraduates | OK EPSCoR

OK NSF EPSCoR Research Seed Grant Funding Opportunity
Proposal Deadline: October 14, 2022
OK NSF EPSCoR Research Seed Grant Funding Opportunity (okepscor.org)
The Oklahoma NSF EPSCoR program is announcing the availability of funding to stimulate high-risk, high-impact, and potentially transformative research to develop and test science-based solutions for complex (“wicked”) problems at the intersection of land use, water availability, and infrastructure in OK. Seed Grant proposals will be accepted by OK NSF EPSCoR from any Oklahoma institution of higher education. Funding will be awarded for projects of up to 1-year duration. The maximum award amount for a single award is $75,000; however, smaller proposals are encouraged.

OSCTR TPIR Trainee Program
Seeking applicants for the ninth year of the research training program Translating Practice into Research (TPIR). TPIR is a program for healthcare professionals, clinical investigators, basic scientists, and community health professionals and it is funded by the NIH Oklahoma Shared Clinical and Translational Resources grant. The goal of the TPIR trainee program is to produce a group of clinicians and scientists who have the ability to translate their clinical observations and ideas for improving practice into practical and feasible research projects. Attached is a detailed description and application due September 23, 2022.
Link to the full announcement: http://octsi.ouhsc.edu/Translating Practice into Research

OCAST - Intern Partnerships Program
Description: The purpose of the Student Intern Partnerships funding (Intern Award) is to improve the state’s innovation base by supporting internships in Oklahoma companies engaged in research, innovation development, or implementation of new technology, e.g., a manufacturing operation improving product or process through the implementation of new technology. The program encourages students to prepare for careers in scientific and technical fields as well as ancillary areas that support high-tech industry in Oklahoma.
Full application: September 26, 2022
Link to Full Announcement: https://oklahoma.gov/ocast/research-funding/intern-partnership.html

OCAST - Oklahoma Applied Research Support (OARS) Program 
Description: This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is intended for informational purposes and reflects current planning. It does not obligate OCAST to make any specific number of awards. Awards under the Oklahoma Applied Research Support program are contingent upon the availability of state funds. If there is any inconsistency between the information contained in this FOA and the terms of any resulting contract, the terms of the contract are controlling.
Full application: September 26, 2022
Link to Full Announcement: https://oklahoma.gov/ocast/research-funding/oklahoma-applied-research-support.html