Funds for salary ($2,500) will be provided to assist faculty members at the OK-INBRE network Community Colleges in the preparation of curriculum redesign and course development intended to improve the preparation of future biomedical researchers.  Applications will be accepted throughout the year for either the fall, spring or summer terms.  There is no application deadline.

To apply, please submit the application form, biosketch, and a description of the proposed curriculum development of a new or redesigned course. Include a brief description of plans for implementing the new/redesigned course or curriculum and steps that have been or will be taken at your Institution.  Also include a plan on how this course will enhance the preparation of future biomedical researchers.  The proposed curriculum and career development plan should not exceed two pages. Proposals should be single spaced with one inch margins.

 Requirements for Curriculum Development Release Time Awards

1. Within 30 days of completing the award, the funded applicant must provide a progress report containing the syllabus and outline of the final course developed.  It should also include when the new or revised course will go (or went) to the Institutional committee for approval and the committee’s decision on implementation of the newly designed or redesigned course.  This report should be submitted to Dawn Hammon at

 2. If a progress report is not received within 30 days as required future requests for OK-INBRE funding will not be accepted.  

 For questions or additional information, please contact Dawn Hammon (