Research Opportunity Awards
Summer Collaborative Research Project

Deadline:  March 31st each year
$10,000 direct costs + F&A
One or more awards annually

Faculty at community colleges and Oklahoma regional universities can apply for Research Opportunity Awards (ROA) with a maximum budget of $10,000 in direct costs plus F&A to  support a summer project in a lab at one of Oklahoma's research-intensive institutions OR primarily undergraduate institutions.  The goal of the ROA program is to provide opportunities for learning new techniques or new experiential activity to expand on the faculty's current knowledge or capabilities.  The funds may be used for both summer salary support and lab supplies.  


1) 1-2 page description of the project, including a brief statement on how the learned skill/technique will improve the ability to teach laboratories or classes to students in the future, a description of the science to be done as a collaborative team, a description of how the ROA may lead to a new grant application by the applicant, and how integrating the knowledge learned would be imparted into the student curriculum. 

2) support letter from the lab sponsor

3) biographical sketches for the faculty member and the lab sponsor

4) budget and justification for the project on the NIH PHS 398 budget form page

Please route the application to the appropriate institutional administrative office prior to submission.  Include signatures if required by your institution.
Submitted the complete application in single pdf format to the OK-INBRE Grant Manager, Dawn Hammon, at  

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