Release Time Awards for Grant Application or Curriculum Development


***Please note that the maximum release time request is 3 credit hours with $15,000 maximum budget***  Funds for release time from teaching obligations (up to 3 teaching load credit hours) will be provided to assist faculty members at Oklahoma regional universities and Community Colleges in the preparation of grant applications to support (1) biomedical research projects, or (2) curriculum redesign and course development intended to improve the preparation of future biomedical researchers.  Applications will be accepted throughout the year.  There is no application deadline.

Requirements for Curriculum Development Release Time Awards

 1.  Within 30 days of completing the release time award, the funded applicant must provide a progress report containing the syllabus and outline of the final course developed.  It should also include when the class will go (or went) to the University committee for approval and the committee’s decision on implantation of the newly designed course.  This report should be submitted to Dawn Hammon at

 2.  If a progress report is not received within 30 days as required, then future requests for curriculum development release time funding will not be accepted.

Requirements for Grant Development Release Time Awards

  1. If a faculty member is provided Release Time for Grant Proposal Development, a grant application MUST be submitted within six months of the end of the release time that was awarded (unless the funding agency has only one deadline per year or that the deadline for which they will be submitting their application is beyond the six-month window). 
  2. The applicant must provide one exact copy of the submitted grant application generated through the approved release time to Ms. Dawn Hammon at within 10 business days of submitting the original to the funding agency. 
  3. After the grant application has undergone peer review at the funding agency, the applicant must transmit the final critique provided by the funding agency to Ms. Dawn Hammon at within 10 business days of receipt of the final critique and summary statement.
  4. If a faculty member fails to comply with regulations 1, 2, and 3 above, then future requests for OK-INBRE funding will not be accepted. 

Send completed application to: Ms. Dawn Hammon at

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